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Kile allows me to work, but it keeps crashing every time I close a project. It also crashes when I close Kile directly.

Since I need to kill the program in order to exit, I can save the individual document info but I lose the changes in project data. Therefore when Kile is restarted the same project is open, and the same documents are active.

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Same here. I experienced it in 2.1.0. (currently available in repos.) Better upgrade to 2.1.2 via ppa (unfortunately not availabe for 12.04).… – Alessandro Cuttin May 23 '12 at 15:40
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I found the cause of the problem. There was a residual locking file from the first time Kile didn't close correctly (long time ago, probably). I hope this can help someone going through the same.

The solution to my problem was just deleting the file "myproject.kilepr.lock" (my project file is called "myproject.kilepr"). All works fine now :-)

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This is a known bug in 2.1.0 which occurs in Ubuntu 12.04 (cf. )

The solution apparently is to update to 2.1.2

The workaround with the .lock might has been a lucky punch - I don't have any of these files and Kile 2.1.0 crashes at every exit.

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