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I can sync the default "Ubuntu One" folder without issues, it's just other folders that I add that don't sync at all. They show up on the web interface with a different grey icon but when I click on the links, they're empty.

I'm running Windows 7, Ubuntu One 2.0.3, And I do have the "Sync Locally" option checked for the folders.

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I created a directory junction to the folder I want synced, inside the "Ubuntu One" folder, and it still doesn't work. It just shows me the empty folder in the web interface. – ChinmayD Feb 22 '12 at 14:02

I had the same problem as you. I uninstalled the client, deleted the folder (I had to stop 2 syncdaemon services after the uninstall), reinstall the client, and add a new folder with a name that doesn't contain space or capital letters. (like: example_folder_name). The sync of custom folder works fine for me now.

I hope it helps!

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