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First post here. I've migrated from Windows to Ubuntu 11.10 - yeah! I've managed to get everything working except my scanner. It's a Lexmark Intuition S505 and not listed at all here

  1. Could someone help me with the troubleshooting steps. I am a complete Ubuntu newbie
  2. As it's not listed I assume I should write to SANE directly, but I want to make sure I've completed basic troubleshooting first. e.g. it seems you can sudo an call xsane from the terminal, so more details would be appreciated
  3. Should I raise a request with Lexmark?
  4. Are there any driver files similar to those listed on How can I get an Epson TX560WD scanner working? that would help me?

I have Simply Scan but when I try to scan it says No scanner detected. I use he same Lexmark Intuition device as a printer which works like a charm.

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Lexmark supports this printer with linux drivers. Use this link to install the latest version.

Support Page

Then sane should work.
You may also need to add yourself to the lp user-group.

I would also check for a file in the /.sane/xsane folder for a file name like Lexmark:S505.drc, this would be the scanner configuration for SANE.

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