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After configuring and installing IPython to run under python3, as explained by this wiki, and having completed all the steps, I still get:

gmask@Gbuntu:~$ ipython3 qtconsole
No command 'ipython3' found, did you mean:
Command 'ipythonx' from package 'ipython' (universe)
Command 'ipython' from package 'ipython' (universe)
Command 'python3' from package 'python3-minimal' (main)
ipython3: command not found

No idea what I am doing wrong...

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You shouldn't use "make install". Use checkinstall instead. That creates a deb package first so that you can easily uninstall afterwards.

My guess is that you installed it in a directory that's not in your path. You'll need to check the documentation for that and add it to your path manually. By the way; ipython3 is in Precise, so when you upgrade, you'll be able to simply apt-get it.

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