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I have 2 Ubuntu PCs (Not in the same physical place) and I want to call from my PC to the other. What apps does Ubuntu have for making phone calls from PC-to-PC.

UPDATED - Forgot to mention that it should not be Skype or Google Talk. In the case of Skype because we are actually looking for an alternative to it to call one another. For the Google Talk plugin because the need to have a web browser opened to use it is not what we need.

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Call? Voip? Skype.. – Uri Herrera Feb 22 '12 at 1:49
Sorry updated question to include that it should not be Skype nor should it need a web browser opened to work like the Google Talk plugin inside the gmail account. – Luis Alvarado Feb 22 '12 at 2:12
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Twinkle: sudo apt-get install twinkle

Soft-phone for making telephone calls using SIP over an IP network.

Twinkle supports direct IP phone to IP phone communication or a network using a SIP proxy to route your calls.

In addition to making basic voice calls Twinkle provides you the following features regardless of the services that your VoIP service provider might offer.

2 call appearances (lines) Multiple active call identities Custom ring tones Call Waiting Call Hold 3-way conference calling Mute Call redirection on demand Call redirection unconditional Call redirection when busy Call redirection no answer Reject call redirection request Blind call transfer Call transfer with consultation (attended call transfer) (new) Reject call transfer request Call reject Repeat last call Do not disturb Auto answer Message Waiting Indication Voice mail speed dial User definable scripts triggered on call events E.g. to implement selective call reject or distinctive ringing RFC 2833 DTMF events In-band DTMF Out-of-band DTMF (SIP INFO) STUN support for NAT traversal Send NAT keep alive packets when using STUN NAT traversal through static provisioning Missed call indication History of call detail records for incoming, outgoing, successful and missed DNS SRV support Automatic fail-over to an alternate server if a server is unavailable Other programs can originate a call via Twinkle, e.g. call from address book System tray icon System tray menu to originate and answer calls while Twinkle stays hidden User definable number conversion rules Simple address book Support for UDP and TCP (new) as transport for SIP Presence Instant messaging Simple file transfer with instant message Instant message composition indication Command line interface (CLI)

VoIP security Secure voice communication by ZRTP/SRTP MD5 digest authentication support for all SIP requests AKAv1-MD5 digest authentication support for all SIP requests (new) Identity hiding

Audio codecs G.711 A-law (64 kbps payload, 8 kHz sampling rate) G.711 u-law (64 kbps payload, 8 kHz sampling rate) GSM (13 kbps payload, 8 kHz sampling rate) Speex narrow band (15.2 kbps payload, 8 kHz sampling rate) Speex wide band (28 kbps payload, 16 kHz sampling rate) Speex ultra wide band (36 kbps payload, 32 kHz sampling rate) G.726 (16, 24, 32 or 40 kbps payload, 8 kHz sampling rate)

For all codecs the following preprocessing options are available to improve quality at the far end of a call. Automatic gain control (AGC) (new) Noise reduction (new) Voice activity detection (VAD) (new) Acoustic echo control (AEC) [experimental] (new)

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You can use Ekiga ( It's in the software center and works like other softphones, supporting VOIP, but they also have a free sip to sip service built into it. Give it a try

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Perhaps this link,, will give you a list of SIP & VoIP compatible software. It should give you a start.

There is also Skype and Google Talk that may be helpful. Google Talk requires only a very small plugin and Skype can be installed easily enough. Google talk is not in the repositories from Ubuntu, but Skype is.

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Skype is, Google talk isn't in the repos. – Uri Herrera Feb 22 '12 at 1:58
Thanks, corrected that. – flickerfly Feb 22 '12 at 2:31

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