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as the title says I want to change background of a PDF. This are some slides, and to save toner I thought it would be good to change the background to white. I tried pdftk with its operations: background and stamp, but the don't work as expected:

pdftk old.pdf background white.pdf output out.pdf
pdftk old.pdf stamp white.pdf output out.pdf

I also tried convert (bloating my pdf upto 200MB) as done this way:

convert old.pdf -background white new.pdf

with no luck. Do you know a way I could perform this?

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To deal with these presentations, I used a few times Sun PDF Import Extension. When installed, you are able to import PDF presentations with Impress. Even though the conversion is not 100% smooth, you are able to edit the background and change the color. It may be a bit tedious if you are dealing with lots of slides, but it's the best solution I found for these cases. You should note that everything is converted into Impress' objects.

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lol got there first, while I was typing my answer =D. BTW, do not open the PDF in impress, open it it writer for better results. – RolandiXor Oct 31 '10 at 21:42
Ahh its about 260 slides in one file (27MB)! openoffice tries to load, but it takes ages. What I try next is to, split the pdf into 50 pages chunks,... and retry with your approach. – math Nov 2 '10 at 15:54

If you have installed, you can install the pdf-import plugin (I believe it is in the software center), and then open your pdf in writer, change the background, and save it again.

You can even create a hybrid pdf file.

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in ImageMagick:

  1. file -> open -> foo.pdf -> import
  2. select -> by color ->
  3. second item in toolbar (dutch: bewerken) -> fill with BG-color
  4. repeat 2 and 3 if necessary for other background colors
  5. file -> print
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