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Are there any Open Source Tools to Remove PDF links in Ubuntu. I use PDFtk and i am not able to find any internal links in it. Due to the Internal links my python script that uses PyPdf to merge the PDF files into one file fails.

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When I extract the pages from a PDF with pdftk and assemble them again afterwards the links are gone. Example:

mkdir temp
cd temp
pdftk ../FileWithLinks.pdf burst
pdftk *.pdf cat output ../FileWithLinksRemoved.pdf
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A simple step to remove all the hyper links from a PDF is by printing, that is by choosing print to file option. but this process doesn't remove the highlight of the hyper link. hope this helps

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Helps, but bookmarks can get lost by doing that. A solution for that issue is using the program jpdfbookmarks. – Til Hund May 17 '14 at 21:20

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