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I am writing a Qt application and have run into the following problem: when the user logs out or attempts to shut down the machine, the application is instantly terminated without providing it any chance to save any data. I assume the app needs to listen for some event. I tried listening for the SIGTERM signal, but my application was still terminated before it had a chance to respond to the signal.

What options do I have?

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I'm starting to use Qt for application development and I have found a "Session Management" chapter in Qt Reference Documentation. I think you can find some interesting.

A session is a group of running applications, each of which has a particular state. The session is controlled by a service called the session manager. The applications participating in the session are called session clients. [...] Start by reimplementing QApplication::commitData() to enable your application to take part in the graceful logout process. [...]

You can find it here.

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