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I've been messing around with Ubuntu Customization Kit recently and I would like to create my own bash scripts to customize Ubuntu ISOs. How would I use SquashFS to edit mount and edit the iso?

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A three-part Paranoid Penguin series in Linux Journal entitled Customizing Linux Live CDs will probably be helpful.

It explains how to tinker with a live CD's SquashFS for the purpose of improving security. But I'm sure the instructions can be used to make other modifications as well.

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I'm not sure about SquashFS, but you could use ISO Master (available from the ubuntu software centre) to edit ISO images.

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You cannot use squashfs to edit a filesystem. Squashfs is a filesystem and also the program that creates and extracts a filesystem. If you want to customize your live CD, check out:

You can mount a squashfs filesystem, but you cannot edit it. Squashfs is a readonly filesystem, so to edit it you will need to extract it first.

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