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When I recieve new mails in Thunderbird a popup-message tells me about that. Does anyone know where this icon is stored and how it is named? I want to change it that it fits the Faenza-theme.

enter image description here

I use Thunderbird 10.0.2 with following addons (all preinstalled):

  • EDS Contact Integration 0.3.9
  • Global Menu Bar integration 2.0.2
  • Messaging Menu and Unity Launcher integration 0.8.3


The Addons don't have any influence on the icon - I checked this by disabling them.

I downloaded the source code and scanned it for the icon. I found it as comm-release/mail/themes/gnomestripe/mail/icons/new-mail-alert.png:


Since I couldn't find this file (I searched for the name) on my PC I guess it is somehow built into Thunderbird and protected against changes. Or should there be an easy solution (not to built your own deb-file)?

(In the same manner I'd like to change downloadIcon.png in Firefox: downloadIcon.png)

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The icon is located under compressed file named omni.ja.You can find it under /usr/lib/thunderbird or /usr/lib/thunderbird{version}.

enter image description here

Open terminal.

Type sudo sudo file-roller /usr/lib/thunderbird/omni.ja # replace the path according to your path.

Navigate to /chrome/classic/skin/classic/messenger/icons. Replace the new-mail-alert icon with whatever you want to.

First copy the faenza icon (default size 32x32) to your desktop.

Rename it to new-mail-alert.png.

Then just drag the icon over Archieve manager window. It will automatically overwrite the icon.

Restart thunderbird.


For Firefox you can also find the omni.ja file located under /usr/lib/firefox.Navigate to /chrome/toolkit/skin/classic/mozapps/downloads & replace the 'downloadicon.png' file.

Note: This is weird, because on my computer( running Thinderbird 13 with ubuntu natty & precise) thunderbird uses system theme icons. So you may want to upgrade thunderbird to the latest stable version.

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An upgrade didn't change this, but your answer helps: Thank you! – Jakob Jul 12 '12 at 9:07

The icon was independent from the icons installed, so I think that it comes with thunderbird or with the plugin for the notify-osd. This is a way to start the searching for it, but I haven't find it.

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Your answer doesn't help me. What is the "way to start the searching for it"? Where should I search for it? – Jakob Feb 21 '12 at 12:33

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