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since 1 hour I'm a proud ubuntu user. But there is a problem, I'm not able to solve: the "STRG + ALT" shortcuts doesn't work (for example "STRG + ALT + Q = @").

I checked all German keyboard configurations I can choose from with no success. I have the problem with every application. Alt Gr doesn't work either.

Please help me, because I want to be a happy Ubuntu user.

Thank you!!

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So Alt Gr+Q doesn't print an @? – Jakob Feb 19 '12 at 20:05

Check your keyboard settings

Click the top right symbol in the Panel, open the first entry of the popping up menu. enter image description here

Open key settings. enter image description here

Add a new keyboard. enter image description here

Choose the right keyboard-settings. You can test them in the field below. Click "add". enter image description here

To apply them push them upwards by clicking the arrow. enter image description here

If this doesn't work you can reset everything by deleting this new keyboard-settings: Click them once and then click the "-".

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