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I want to know which process changed files in some directory.

I had a look at inotify-tools, but it doesn't show the pid. I also look at fileschanged utility, but in my case it doesn't show anything at all, even that change happened.

Is there solution?

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Take a look at fatrace written by Martin Pitt.

It will monitor all system-wide reads/writes/opens/closes alongside the PIDs and the names of their processes.

  1. Get it:

    bzr branch lp:fatrace
  2. Build it:

    cd fatrace
  3. Run it:

    sudo ./fatrace -t | grep "/path/to/your/file"
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great tool, thanks! it would be better if I could make inotify tell process id, but if it's not possible, then I will use fatrace – damluar Feb 18 '12 at 9:45

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