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I found here the exact question i want to submit, that is :

"I set /apps/metacity/general/num_workspaces to 1 using gconf-editor but when I do +s it still shows my workspace in the top left corner with the rest of the screen black. Shouldn't it just zoom out and show all of my running apps expose-style for that single workspace? I want to use -s as an expose-style app switcher. I've never been a big workspaces fan, so I just want the one."

Thank you !

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Its a bug / feature request. There is nothing you can do here and this is not the place for debating how it should be, if you want follow the directions in this question to remove the desktop switcher and kill the shortcuts or simply don't press them at all, that will give you the idea that you are having only 1 big desktop. For now this is closed and you can share your ideas and comments on the bug report you linked. –  Bruno Pereira Feb 17 '12 at 21:18
Thank you for the answer but when you look at the Workspaces.qml file, it seems not to be so difficult to do something with this zooming problem. I won't tell it's a bug but i don't know anything in Qt ! –  wmap Feb 18 '12 at 23:02
This issue was already merged with bug #715587 and a fix has been released according to the bug report. If it has not landed in the updates it should soon. –  Bruno Pereira Feb 18 '12 at 23:20

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