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What tools does Ubuntu have that can say how long a device has been on. The time on should not be based on when Ubuntu was installed since for example the PC could be 2 years old and after that long somebody could have installed Ubuntu. This 2 years could not be taken into consideration. Not to confuse with uptime for example.

Is there a way to determine the time a device has been on or active and what tools can see this. For example I know hard drives can say this. What other devices could and what tools for this devices.

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As you mention, hard drives support this through SMART and you can view that data through Disk Utility:

enter image description here

But past disks, I'm not sure I've ever seen this on other hardware.

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Dude stop answering questions. You have enough points. You greedy guy you! ^^ – Luis Alvarado Feb 17 '12 at 1:31

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