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I am looking for an ubuntu netbook that is very small. If possible, the size of the hp 95lx. If anybody remembers those old DOS, or Windows CE devices, that were basically calculator size, with keyboards, I'm sure you can see what I mean.

I am aware of pandora and it seems nearly perfect (if you settle for running its custom LInux instead of ubuntu), but as it's a small privately produced unit, and not currently commercially available, I'm looking for something that IS available now in north america.

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Are you specific on any Desktop Environment ? I mean Unity, Gnome, KDE etc ? because I don't think any of these would work in such a form-factor. Would be hurting to the eyes. – Aamir Feb 15 '12 at 19:10
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The only device I know of that fits what you are looking for is called the Sharp NetWalker. and that will be a hard machine to find.

enter image description here

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OMG! Ubuntu! recently reviewed a tiny Linux laptop called the Ben NanoNote. Like the Pandora, this device doesn't run Ubuntu, but as Aamir mentioned, I doubt the traditional Ubuntu flavors would do well on a device this small.

Unlike the Pandora, this device actually is available for purchase online. The price is $99.

The tiny Ben NanoNote compared to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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