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I'm on Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity 3D and use a remote control via lirc. Everything works fine in applications like Firefox, Banshee, but when I focus Nautilus or Gedit any key which refers to "CurrentWindow" doesn't work, i. e. (from ~/.lircrc):

    prog = irxevent
    button = KEY_OK
    config = Key Return CurrentWindow

I know that it worked on an older system, like 11.04. Any ideas?

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As I workaround I installed xautomationInstall xautomation and modified ~/.lircrc to use xte instead of irxevent wherever it referred to CurrentWindow. The mentioned passage now looks like this:

    prog = irexec
    button = KEY_OK
    config = xte 'key Return'

Now everything's working fine again.

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