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I just installed Docky on Xubuntu and for adding Home folder and Terminal to it, i opened these apps and clicked on their icons for "Pin to dock". Now, when i close them and then click on their respective icons on Docky, nothing happens. What can be done?

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I add a similar problem with some java application. You can try to drop some applications' shortcut from /usr/share/applications to your dock. (If some applications are not in this folder you just need to create a new .desktop file).


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thanks for that. Solved my issues! – subeh.sharma Feb 16 '12 at 11:17
  1. Create shortcuts of your apps
  2. Put them into folder /usr/share/applications
  3. Finally put them into docky.

Tested on Debian 7 Xfce.

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I managed to correct this issue (on 12.04) with Terminal and Thunar by editing the Menu: - right-click Menu, select Properties, then Edit Menu, select Accessories category on the left, and then, on the right, untick 'File manager' and tick 'Thunar File Manager' instead. For terminal, untick 'Terminal Emulator' and tick 'Terminal'- done.

Then, open Start Menu and drag the application icon directly onto Docky. From now on the launchers in Docky should work and the icons should display correctly:


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docky basically displays the programms/folders/whatever you have on your desktop. if you put something into docky and deleted it on the desktop, it will not work. If you did this, simply put the programs out of the trashbin on your desktop.

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