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I did a regular update of Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday night and it didn't require a restart.

After the update finished I still had connection (wired). But, today, when I tried to go to Google and other sites, there was no connection. Network manager is installed and it said no connection found. I've checked the cable and nothing seems to be wrong.

How can I get my connection back? It works fine on Windows (from which I'm writing this).

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In my case, running an ifconfig only shows the lo0 interface up. when i had ubuntu 11.04 server, networking started automatically, i did the "upgrade" and now i only get the waiting additional 60 seconds for networking warning.... i have to login and get the sudo -i prompt in order to manually configure networking AND dhcp... I read it is a bug related to 11.10 upgrades that doesnt appears when you do a clean install. Seems that 11.10 is expecting the /var/run and /var/lock files to be in /run and /run/lock folder, but althought i did move the folders and created a simbolik -s link as describe – user46505 Feb 15 '12 at 11:25

This might seem stupid, but it worked in my case once: Shut down, power off router, unplug the power cord of the tower and the router. Then wait for 1-2 minutes, plug it back in, power on.

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Is your IP address to your computer static or configured by DHCP? Whats the contents of the file /etc/network/interfaces say?

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