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With the plethora of possibilities for most command-line tools, I would be surprised to learn that there is no way to colorize the info that apt-get, apt-cache, and related tools return. Even so, Googling was fruitless in this.

Primarily, it would be nice to have the summary lines that show total count/size, and color-code each type of action count: eg, upgrades in blue, installs in green, held in yellow, and removed in red.

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Sure, it's easy. There are even tools for it. See

I prefer rcg (Regex Colored Glasses).

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As weird as it may sound: NO. While the excellent Arch Linux's pacman has built-in colorizing capabilities (and a few more available via 3rd-party wrappers) there's nothing similar for the aging apt/dpkg combo nor the relatively newer aptitude tool.

This is how pacman looks like using an external wrapper (mostly Yaourt or Packer, can't remember which one I was using at the time):

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