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Last night I installed Lubuntu 11.10 on my desktop PC. Before that I only had Ubuntu 11.10, but now I have a "Dual-Boot" PC, with GRUB. Now, I want to uninstall Lubuntu because it doesn't like to me.

I tried to do that on Lubuntu's Live-CD GParted, but it has partitions that I don't know. And I don't want to play with that, I don't want to lose my Ubuntu data, these are my partitions:

enter image description here

The 38 GB partition is Ubuntu.

What I need to do is delete Lubuntu and enter to Ubuntu directly on the boot. Also, remember the Swap's partition!

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Protip: Avoid messing with your partions like that by doing sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop, Instead of creating partions at Random. sda6 and I guess sda7 are Lubuntu's partitions, delete those. – Uri Herrera Feb 14 '12 at 22:58

First Delete all the Extended (the Teal one), and ALL inside it. Then make a Primary Partition Formatted as Linux-Swap, of equal size to your RAM. Then expand the 38Gb Partition to all remain Free Space. This need to be done via LiveCD.

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I followed these instructions and was left with a grub rescue prompt when I tried to boot, and a message "partition not found". I had to reinstall grub from a live CD using these instructions: I can't say for sure, but I suspect this happened because the partition I deleted contained the last Ubuntu I installed (the alpha for 12.04).

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Delete the partition of the OS u wanna delete ... using live cd and run in terminal

sudo update-grub

if u dont know which partition is which mount it from nautilus and check ur home directory and see which files u may hav only on ubuntu and only on xubuntu and delete the appropriate partition..

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