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I have software that generates PDFs and sends them to print via the lp program. The same PDF prints slightly different to 2 different printers. The font and margins are different.

How can I standardize the margins and font between the two printers? Is this just a difference in the drivers for each printer?

Before you suggest it, the page-top etc options do not have any effect.

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All printers have their default settings and no two printers print exactly the same. If you want them to print the document out exactly I would start by looking at each of the printers Margin settings.

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How can I modify a printer's margin settings from the command line? – ryeguy Feb 13 '12 at 21:01
to set margins on command line, use lp -o page-left=value -o page-right=value -o page-top=value -o page-bottom=value filename where value is in points (1/72") – sig_seg_v Jan 24 at 6:35

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