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I'm aware that nouveau on PPC is "known to work" more than "rigorously tested" but I'm having issues with certain OpenGL 2D programs (not 3D) where the colors are completely off.

While it could be an issue w/ the application (note Alpha in title), SDL works well, if not a bit slow.

What information should I capture in order to send upstream?

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The /Bugs wiki page on the Nouveau wiki at says:

  • Attach complete, unfiltered, untrimmed kernel log from boot up to the problem, and a complete X log if the problem manifests with X

  • Please, do not compress files you attach to bug reports, especially plain text files such as logs, unless the file is so huge bugzilla refuses to take it. Gzipping files makes taking a quick look impossible

  • Make sure the mime-type of text files really is set to text/plain, and not e.g. application/octet-stream. This makes life a little easier for people reading bug reports. The point is to let people read text files directly in a web browser.

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Excellent, thank you. – Broam Nov 3 '10 at 15:46

As the nouveau developers are quite busy, I would highly recommend treating the issue as an application bug and talking with the app developers first, to rule out that it is just a bug in your app. Or, see if you can reproduce it in a second GL app.

If/when you do forward to the nouveau guys, attach the following to your upstream bug report:

(a) Screenshot / photo showing problem

(b) /var/log/Xorg.0.log

(c) /etc/X11/xorg.conf (if any)

(d) Your ~/.drirc (if any)

(e) output of sudo dmesg

Also, specify if this is a regression, and if it is make sure to itemize what changed on your system (hardware, software versions, particular updates, etc.) when you started noticing it.

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Not a regression. Thanks. – Broam Nov 3 '10 at 15:45

Try running your application in the terminal and send in the output:

Application > output.txt

Also you can send them the ID of your card, your xorg.conf, and sdlerr.txt (should appear in the working directory if you run the program from the terminal). I'm not sure if they should need any further information. What you could also do (NB Risky): is to try the updated drivers from the x development ppa (find it in ubuntu-tweak) and see if you get the same results on that one. That would tell you if it is fixed upstream.

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