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I have this laptop with Windows 7 :

I installed Ubuntu 11.10 via Wubi and when I boot intu Ubuntu using the boot up menu, I get this error:

Try (hd 0,0) NTFS5: No wubildr
Try (hd 0,1) NTFS5: No wubildr
Try (hd 0,2) NTFS5: Error: "prefix" not set.

Then, I get a blank purple screen, which turns completely black and stays there.
What should I do?

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Well, I don't know if this is going to solve your problem, but if I face this situation, my first shot is to:

  • Fully de-install Wubi,
  • Turn off Windows completely (pull it out from power source for at least 10 seconds, in your case take off the battery too for at least 30 seconds),
  • reboot,
  • re-install Wubi from zero.

My first try with Wubi failed too; with other hardware configuration. A good search in Google usually finds a good solution for this situation too.

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Thanks @Roland . – H_7 Feb 15 '12 at 11:09

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