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While I'm trying to install Ubuntu, I get the X about having less than 4.5GB space available. And when I'm trying to look on my hard drive-I cant, i tried normally' throw Gparted and throw disk utility, but none of those show my drive, like it's not exist!

What is strange is that i can boot with windows. why does it happens?

Thanks for helping!

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Please help, is there a solution? – yinon Feb 18 '12 at 23:00
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I suggest you use windows chkdsk because it is possible there is file system corruption which is confusing the Ubuntu installer. Here is a link about chkdsk:- As you will see from the link, there is an option to use chkdsk with the /r parameter, which will let chkdsk fix any errors found.

Another useful approach is to use the linux tool gparted but from a live CD or a live usb. Here is a link : The advantage is that you get to examine the hard disk in isolation. You boot off the cd or usb memory stick, run gparted and then you will be able to check the partitions from menu Partition-->>check. Also, of course, you would be able to shrink the windows partition(s) to leave unformatted space at the end for Ubuntu to install into. If feeling adventurous you could create the Ubuntu partitions prior to a manual install, but that would be another question.

I suppose one further possibility is that your Ubuntu install disc is faulty, rare but possible..... I hope this helps point you in the right direction

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