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I have downloaded some YouTube videos. They have a .flv extension. I want to watch them on my TV with DVD. I burned them onto a DVD using Brasero and XfBurn, but my DVD recorder does not recognize them. What should I do?

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I think it is a very easy task. I've googled around, and I found these software:

  • DeVeDe - recognizes FLV
  • - you can download videos in MP4, etc... which is recognized by the default DVD writer.

I hope, it helps

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You will need to convert the videos to a format that your DVD recorder / player can recognize. For that you might need a video converter like WinFF TO install winff , you will need to execute sudo apt-get install winff in the terminal

After installing WinFF , fire it up from the dash

  1. Click on Add
  2. Select your Video
  3. On Output Details , Select the Preset your recorder supports from the drop down menu labeled "Convert to" and the preset type.
  4. Enter the output Folder , I use /home//Desktop
  5. Click on convert , this process should take some time , depending on the video length and other factors.
  6. After the video has been converted , you can then burn them to your CD/DVD to play them
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I have installed Winff as you mention. My external DVD player supports files like: MPEG-1, MPEG-2(.VOB/DAT/.MPG) and MPEG-4(.AV1/.DIV/.DIVX) but I do not find them in the drop down menu in Winff. I need to convert mp4 or .flv into them. Can you suggest something? thank's – Nikos Veis Feb 13 '12 at 17:00

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