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Just wanted to know if the open drivers provided for the Radeon graphics card --specifically the Juniper Radeon HD 5700 card -- are able to send sound through HDMI.

I'm not able to do that, but I'm unsure if it's because I installed the proprietary drivers, and uninstalled them, or if the audio part of it doesn't work with the open driver.

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The driver should work fine - make sure you have changed the hardware output to the HDMI output in your sound settings.

sound settings

If the internal one is still highlighted then you will get no sound through HDMI.

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Thanks for your answer Mark, unfortunately, I still can't get sound out of it. I think, when I uninstalled the fglrx driver maybe the sound part of it it's still installed somehow, because, in my outputs, I can see the Juniper HDMI Audio Driver, and I can even select it, but I can't hear a thing, not even the speaker test. You can see a !Screenshot. And I can be sure that the card and the TV are working right because I can hear it in windows. – yorch Feb 13 '12 at 3:50

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