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As a vim user, I was pleased to discover a checkbox in Rekonq's (Kubuntu's web browser) settings that enables vi-like shortcuts. However, checking it doesn't seem to have any effect, at least with the shortcuts I know. I can't seem to find any documentation about this anywhere, in the help files or on google. What are these shortcuts, exactly, and how can I get them to work?

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I am in Kubuntu 12.04 and they work ok. They used to work on Konqueror too. By vi-shortcuts its understood that the "hjkl" keys work, not /, # or Esc or any of the editing options, just the navigator keys, but combined with focus follow mouse activated its a powerful tool.

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Thanks. When I posted this, they weren't working for some reason, and this feature wasn't documented. – Jon Dec 6 '12 at 21:27

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