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I installed Ubuntu a month ago, but since this month it had crushed two times. The first time when I was watching a movie online, it turned off the screen and I couldn't turn it on again. I reinstalled. The second time, there were black pieces on the screen behind the opened windows, notifications, etc. I installed it for the third time. But this time Eclipse SDK does not work which worked pretty well on previous versions.

What should I do?

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you don't even need to install eclipse, just download it and click on the icon. Do you have the Java-jdk installed? if not it wont work... –  Alvar Feb 11 '12 at 11:22
I'd do a memory test (hold Shift when booting), bad RAM can cause weird issues. –  Lekensteyn Feb 11 '12 at 11:56

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Install Eclipse from the main website of Eclipse. It will work for sure.

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My Eclipse folder was on the disk D:. I think because it I can't launch it. Thanks everybody, especially Lekensteyn. Now I don't know how to delete this question :D –  Ayaz Feb 11 '12 at 12:50

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