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I've got a brand new Gateway SD-X with: 4gb RAM 1TB HDD AMD Radon HD 6500 Graphics AMD Quad core processor (not sure about the exact name for it) I have tried installing Ubuntu x64 for the third time now. Each time I do this, the GRUB menu never correctly installs and leaves me with this:

error: unknown filesystem recovery>

It never seems to have any command whatsoever, no sudo, no reboot, nothing. On top of all of this, the installation process (although taking a quick 30 minutes to fully install) NEVER properly reboots. It gets this:

received message 15, system going for a reboot NOW! ... ... caught message 15, going for reboot.

and hangs from that point on, not rebooting at all even when left for a full 12 hours. I have absolutely no clue what could be causing this. I have tried SGD, updating through the terminal, configuring through Live-CD and installation CD, tried the Windows recovery CD, Windows installation CD, absolutely nothing has helped so far! I can't load from Ubuntu, I cant load from Win7, I can't even load from Web-OS! Everything still exists, but the messed up GRUB menu block everything, and the failed reboot doesn't help either. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Sincerely, G^2

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