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I think my juju environment in my orchestra server is broken, and I want to do the bootstrap process again. Basically, I'd like to run:

juju bootstrap

and not get:

2012-02-09 19:51:48,503 INFO juju environment previously bootstrapped.

How can I reset things, and re-bootstrap?

I also noticed that juju installed the zookeeper on node1 of my environment. Is there a way to get juju to install zookeeper on the orchestra server?

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juju destroy-environment will shutdown all the machines in orchestra that juju was running (tagged in orchestra with the configured 'acquired-mgmt-class'). For juju to think its already bootstrapped, there is a running orchestra machine that has been recorded as the bootstrap server.

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I faced the same issue and I resolved it by performing sudo juju bootstrap instead of juju bootstrap.

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