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Without network-manager installed, my system shuts down in 2 or 3 seconds.

Why does it take almost 15 seconds (which is a 5-time increase) with network-manager installed and can't this time be shortened?

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Because it's bugged & has been for a while now

Main bug with possible self fix

Dup bug with alternate self fix

This has worked fine here though I'd suggest you read both reports 1st

sudo mv /etc/rc6.d/S35networking /etc/rc6.d/S15networking

sudo mv /etc/rc0.d/S35networking /etc/rc0.d/S15networking

Or simply wait out a fix if one does show someday. The typical added delay is usually around 500 - 600% of your normal, so here it was 2 sec's to 12 sec's

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