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Hi my system was not resuming from sleep mode so I just did a hard reset (press and hold the power button for reset). Now the system is not loading after booting. Simply cursor is blinking, but if I select the recovery mode it will stop with error message Failed to spawn friendly-recovery post-stop process.

Attached the screen shot of the error screen. Nothing is happening after that. Even Alt+Ctrl+Del won't work. Please help me.

enter image description here

Thanks in advance.


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Your problem is that the drive has been put into read only mode, which can be fixed by running a disk check.


  • You will need a Live CD/USB.
  • Once it boots, open a terminal.
  • Type: sudo fdisk -l
  • Find your hard drive from the list.
  • Once you know what it is, run sudo e2fsk -f /dev/yourdiskhere
  • Allow it to run completely, and allow it to fix any errors.
  • Once it completes, close the terminal and the Live System and reboot your computer.
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