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I'm on 11.10 using auto login. So the "unlock default keyring" prompt on startup kept bothering me. I read about the solutions. At "Passwords and keys" I was only able to delete the Ubuntu-One PW, which I thought was responsible for the prompt. I saved it before deleting it. It was the only PW shown there. It wasn't the one I had to enter once to access my account though. I did a reboot but the "unlock..." prompt still pops up. But I can't put the PW back where it was because the Ubuntu One entry is gone. Now I can't connect to Ubuntu-One anymore. It says "There was a problem while retrieving the credential". What can I do about this? And how can I get rid of the "unlock..." prompt without my system getting unsafe?

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Could enter PW again after a reboot. Ubuntu One works again now. But I'm still not happy with deleting my keyring PW. Is there an alternative? Is this bug gonna be fixed with the next release? – H3R3T1K Feb 9 '12 at 13:10
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This is not a bug. If we don't store your credentials somewhere, then we would have to ask you for your Ubuntu One password on every login.

If we store the credentials in a safe place, like we do now with the Keyring, then the Keyring will ask you for its password when you login.

The only "solutions" for this are:

1) You make the keyring less secure and it doesn't ask for a password on login. 2) Ubuntu One stores the credentials insecurely (outside of the keyring) like some other applications do.

Both are a security risk, since anyone with physical access to your device can grab your credentials.

In my opinion, what we have now is as good a solution as it's possible to have.

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