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I started Empathy from Ubuntu Terminal and the following Warning occurred:

folks-WARNING **: Error preparing persona store 'eds:1328683152.5139.1@developer-pc': Couldn't open address book ‘1328683152.5139.1@developer-pc’: Cannot open book: Could not create DesktopcouchSession object
Segmentation fault

What should I do ?

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This looks like a bug with missing dependencies which are caught only on runtime.

Please install the package libfolks-eds25 if not installed. Hopefully this should fix the problem

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I had the same issue.

Initially check the system log:

tail /var/log/apport.log

In my case "/usr/lib/empathy/empathy-chat" was crashing.

To deal with it I open the chat from the terminal using the command:


and looked for the errors.

For me the solution was to remove some of the chats located here:

cd ~/.local/share/TpLogger/logs/

Bottom line: Check the log file, run the program from the terminal, look in Google the error message

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