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I have Ubuntu 10.10 dual booting with Windows 7. I have a couple of games on the Windows partition, some of which can be run with Wine. The problem is that I can't turn on the executable bit on files from mounted drives. When I go to properties and try to toggle it, it turns back off. I always need to copy said programs to the Ubuntu filesystem, which is annoying. Does anyone know how to solve this?


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Why do the .exe files need to be executable? They're not being executed, wine is being executed and is loading them. (Just like a Python script doesn't need to be executable if you write python or shell: sh – Oli Oct 29 '10 at 13:13
@Oli: The exe files are being executed. Wine just provides the OS emulation layer needed to execute the Windows program. – Kees Cook Oct 29 '10 at 19:45
My .exe files are associated with the wine binary. None are themselves execuable. – Oli Oct 29 '10 at 20:43

Have a bug report... (always a good place to start investigating workarounds)

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Use the user mapping feature of ntfs-3g; details are in man ntfs-3g (search, using /, for "^user mapping").

Run the ntfs-3g.usermap tool with the Windows partition, which must be unmounted:

$ sudo ntfs-3g.usermap /dev/sda1  # sda1 may be different for you

It creates a "UserMapping" file in the current directory, move it to your NTFS partition (after mounting):

# you may need sudo for these commands
$ mkdir /mount/your-fs-name/.NTFS-3G
$ mv UserMapping /mount/your-fs-name/.NTFS-3G/

There is also a tutorial on user mapping.

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Add exec to mount options, just be aware that this will set every file as executable (in my understanding). However this worked for me.

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