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I have two computers that I want to have coming through the same speakers, I bought a cable, which I connected from the headphone jack on the one computer to the line-in jack on the other.

I know sound is coming out of the headphone jack (confirmed by using headphones). But when I plug the cord into the line-in, I can't get it to output the signal that's coming in on line-in.

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You may be able to redirect the line-in to your soundcard output by using gnome-alsamixer (sudo apt-get install gnome-alxamixer in case you don't have it). Just enable the Line option and you should get the input sound redirected to your soundcard's output.

I kind of have the same problem, but instead of redirecting to the soundcard's output, I'd like to redirect to my USB headphone's output (which contains a separate soundcard).

Good luck!

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Whoohoo! That did it. Not sure why the gnome mixer worked when the others didn't, but thanks! –  David Oneill Feb 13 '12 at 17:42
Works nice. I'm starting to give up on the sound settings app. All sound problems I had were solved using alsamixer. –  Pedro Werneck May 23 '12 at 0:30

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