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I have mounted the USB and have successfully accessed it. On the USB are files and directories with files within them as well as .htaccess files.

I know that the terminal can't see the .htaccess files since everything in ubuntu starting with . is hidden. However, I can see them on the GUI if I enable Show Hidden Files.

Anyways, my question is, how do I copy EVERYTHING, including the .htaccess and directories while keeping the structure intact as it is on the USB to /var/www


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Although .htaccess is hidden it will still be copied using the cp -R command. (R for recursive). To see it in the terminal you can type "ls -al" – Christian Skjødt Feb 7 '12 at 12:43

Like the comment above says, cp -r will copy it, so just run cp -r /media/<usb-name> /path/to/target

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To use a GUI type:

Alt F2

then enter:

gksu nautilus

You can then show hidden files and copy them.

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