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Sometime back, I was installing Java JDK and JRE as:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-jre

Due to some problems, the installation stopped and it remained broken. As we know, one cannot install any package until the broken installations are fully resolved. So, I tried:

sudo apt-get -f install       #helps for installing broken packages

However, I see that installation of java6 takes unusually very long time. Also upon the terminal I see a colorful page while Java6 installation is going on; this page displays various terms and conditions. I can just scroll this page up and down, but can't see what is happening behind. But the main problem is long hours.

Is there any way to fix this problem ? For other installations, I may not need JDK/JRE; so as a last resort, I am ok, if we can remove these broken packages. But how to do that ?

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The problem is with that graphical colorful page.

After the terms and conditions, in a very small letters <Ok> is printed. By pressing <- or -> key, I selected the <Ok> "button" and pressed "Enter". This "button" has to be "pressed" only using keyboard. Mouse cannot be used.

This lead me to a new graphical page, where I need to "Accept" terms and conditions (same way using keyboard arrow keys). As soon as, I accepted it, the page disappeared and the installation finished within a minute.

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