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Got a desktop with XP and Ubuntu. New to linux, have some knowledge of vi and unix. The XP wireless works, Ubuntu wireless does not, get - hardblocked:yes. Its an old Medion desktop, motherboard MS-7091, the wireless is on an internal USB.

(Its got a wired link thats never worked, and never investigated that as did okay with XP and wireless.)

Investigating 3 possible ways around the wireless block :- 1. unblocking the hard block. 2. updating the linux wireless driver - rt2500usb via the command line 3. Replacing the linux wireless driver with windows driver using ndiswrapper

Was trying to get ndiswrapper through the GUI off the installation disk but after double clicking ndiswrapper the install option was disabled, So looking at command line install of ndiswrapper. Not so hot on using linux and ndiswrapper, tar, installing drivers etc... so any help will be appreciated

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try to avoid ndiswrapper... please add to your question the version of ubuntu you are using, together with the result of sudo lshw -class network and rfkill list all. Thanks. Remember, a "hard-block" means its a hardware issue that cannot be resolved by software. – fossfreedom Feb 6 '12 at 21:55

Try this link, they may have the solution

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