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I used VirtualDubMod on Windows to pull off the sound from a video file. What software could do the same on Ubuntu? thanks.

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WinFF. A simple GUI to FFmpeg. Winff is in Ubuntu's repositories. Do sudo apt-get install winff to install it.


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Command line:

ffmpeg -i input_file.flv output_file.mp3
ffmpeg -i input_file.mov output_file.mp3
ffmpeg -i input_file.avi output_file.mp3

If ffmpeg is not installed ...

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

and ofcourse you need the audiocodecs required to play the video/audiofiles.

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I found a easier way, it can be done by using avidemux, in "audio" section by pressing "save" you can extract sound from video file. I am sorry, I was too fast with questions, all I needed just a little bit "google". It's not so hard with ubuntu :) –  Eimis Feb 6 '12 at 16:39
command line is always better but you can always remove the accepted answer and make your own if you want. –  Rinzwind Feb 6 '12 at 18:23

Soundconverter, a lightweight simple app for converting audio files and can also take video as input. sudo apt-get install soundconverter

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