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I am a new user to Ubuntu who has migrated from windows. Though I had tried the previous versions of Ubuntu (and other Linux distros) but it never lasted solely because I'm addicted to a music player, MediaMonkey, which is available for Windows but not for Linux.

It has a plethora of features, one of which is that it recognizes semi-colon (;) delimited artist names as separate artists which makes the overall music experience better. I tried Banshee, Rythmbox and Amrok but none of them seem to have this feature. They all take that text as a single artist which doesn't help.

Is there any music player for Linux that has this feature?

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Have you tried Quod Libet?

It supports multiple values per any tags (backed by the Mutagen library), and has features to split custom-delimited tags (e.g. using semicolons, slashes, pipes, whatever). Converting your library may be a bit manual unless you use the console plugin to write a small script to do your whole library).

You can get the (older) Ubuntu version easily:

$ sudo apt-get install quodlibet quodlibet-plugins
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