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On my MacBook 2,1 with Ubuntu 11.10, whenever I leave the computer alone for five minutes, it blacks out and wont respond to any keypresses or even the power button.

UPDATE: It was the autodim feature that didn't un-dim itself after starting to use the computer again. Why is that?

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I ran into a very similar issue (couldn't resume from suspend). It's apparently a recognized bug in the 3.0 kernel. I updated to 12.04 (alpha 2), which uses kernel version 3.2, and it fixed the problem. 3.0 is also known for being inefficient power-wise. I gained more than an hour of battery life from moving up to 3.2.

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I did to that. The resume problem is gone, but I now have a whole slew of new problems. Also, no increase in battery life after the update. – Peter Evjan Feb 24 '12 at 16:54
Hi Peter. I'm sorry to hear that. Unless you had serious battery life degradation though, you wouldn't see any improvements. You might want to try laptop-mode-tools once you get your other problems fixed. Some of them might be caused by any modifications you made to get your MacBook to work with earlier versions of Ubuntu. – Chan-Ho Suh Feb 28 '12 at 20:51

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