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I use Ubuntu 11.10 and Gnome environment.

I am able to type documents in Hindi by a method shown here. I installed ibus-m17n and ibus packages and have enabled support for Hindi language in gnome-language-selector.

I have following input methods enabled in the ibus preferences window:

  • Hindi inscript (m17n)
  • Hindi phonetic (m17n)
  • Hindi itrans (m17n)
  • Hindi remington (m17n)
  • Hindi typewriter (m17n)

Here is a screenshot of that screen:

enter image description here

As you can see in this screenhot, these methods are available in the drop down menu of ibus.

enter image description here

I open LibreOffice and press Ctrl + Space so that I can type in Hindi and it works.

When the input method is off as in this screenshot

enter image description here

then I am able to type in Hindi with following kind of keyboard


e.g. by pressing key H the letter gets typed, which is the expected behavior.

Now the problem is selecting the method phonetic.

Pressing the key H key results in again, which is not expected. As per my understanding the keymap for phonetic input method in this case is


and given that input method phonetic is already selected (with phonetic selection) upon pressing the H key should get typed.

That means that selection of different input methods has no effect on typing.

So is ibus not working properly or did I miss something? How can I get the expected behavior when selecing different input methods in the ibus preference window?

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I am not sure but suspect this might be a ibus bug in Ubuntu.

Probably best to report it in launchpad and maybe try to test a later version of ibus.

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