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I have a World of Warcraft installation in my wine directory, and I want to place a link to it in the desktop. But when I create a link with the right mouse button menu, and place it in my desktop, it doesn't start. I'm a newbie here, so, forgive me if this is one basic function that I didn't have the braincells to discover

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Try to put "wine " without the quotes before the command in the command text box in the launcher.


Go to Applications->Wine->Programs-> and right click on a program and select Copy to Desktop (if there is no program, try installing 7-zip from by setup - it will show up).

Then right click on the program on the Desktop and select Properties. By looking at the command in the lancher you can easily see how to create new launchers to other .exe programs.

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that's the problem. I don't have terminal skills, and my installation was copied directly from my windows partition, so I don't have it listed in wine. But my question isn't entirely wine-centric, because I've tried the same thing with a game called steelstorm, and it didn't worked either – Habkost Oct 28 '10 at 23:15
All the explanations are graphical - when I say "command" I mean the text box Command: in the property window of the launcher, just like a shortcut in Windows. – iugamarian Oct 28 '10 at 23:30
Ok, I'll try that! – Habkost Oct 29 '10 at 0:00
Still no good. It's not easy for me, to guess the proper line to use. The problem is that I can't even link linux executables to other parts of the system (desktop, in this case). What I ment is the behavior that drag-an-drop uses in windows when linking stuff around. I click in the .exe, put in my desktop, and voilá! This is what I want to do – Habkost Oct 29 '10 at 0:57
You were right all along. I did it. Thanks! – Habkost Oct 29 '10 at 1:08

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