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I am using Ubuntu One Clients on different platforms and it's all working very well, as there are Win 7 PCs and ubuntu 11.10, where it is integated already. Now i'm trying to add my mobile, which i thought would not be a problem, as my mobile, a nokia N9, runs on MeeGo, linux in fact. Could there be a chance to get a client for MeeGo? Android and iOS are existing, so could it be a hard challenge? I also thougt about switching to dropbox, because clients for Windows, Ubuntu and MeeGo are available at dropbox, but as a linux-fan i would of course wait for a ubuntu One-Solution. all i could find was a project at google, you can find here: unfortunately i am ony a user not a developer.


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I guess you're looking for something like that app: "Ubi: An unofficial Ubuntu One app for Maemo 5 and other Qt-enabled platforms"


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You may find useful; it's a first release of Ubuntu One Files for the N9.

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I would suggest you have a look on the Meego forums and in particular here:

Meego handset forums

Apologies if you have done this already.

You can also check in the dev mailing lists or meego IRC for meego which I am sure which the details used to be found here:

Meego community guide

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