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Currently in 11.10 (and also 12.04), slamming your mouse pointer in the top left corner of the screen does nothing. Worse, even clicking there is a dead zone; I would expect to have at least the dash open when clicking there. Not sure if this is a bug or not.

Ideally I would like to have the Gnome 3 behavior, which shows all open applications when you move the mouse pointer to the top-left corner.

I know I can do something with Compiz Settings; I can configure a script to run, however I don't know how I can make a script go ' Super + W '? Is that possible?

I hope there will be a full and unified settings panel again when 12.04 goes live; it's a bit strange to not only use a whole separate settings panel for some things, but even one that's not installed by default! And 'corner hot spots' should definitely be a function in there, to assign common actions and keystrokes to that.

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To make a Script to invoke Super+W you need to:

  1. Install xdotool (sudo apt-get install xdotool)
  2. Create a new empty document in gedit and add this:
#! /bin/sh

# Assumes compiz binding for Scale is Super + W

xdotool keydown Super && xdotool key w

xdotool keyup Super

Then save, make it executable (right click the script and set it to executable) and create a Launcher (.desktop file) in the Unity Launcher.

Alternatively to make use of the Compiz Hot corners take a look here.

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Although xdotool is a more generic solution, compiz has a solution for this:

Install CompizConfig Settings Manager, go to the Scale plugin, Bindings tab and choose 'Initiate Windows Picker'. Choose any corner/edge to show all the windows.

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Worked well for me - thanks –  davidfrancis Oct 9 '12 at 23:20
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In 13.04:

Install Unity Tweak Tools. Go to 'Window Manager' -> 'Window Spread' and choose 'Hot Corners' tab. Bind top-left corner to 'window spread'.

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