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I have a brand new installation of Ubuntu 11.1. When I installed I checked the box to download the updates while installing and I also installed the additional MP3 software for the plug-ins. For some reason FireFox will not run Pandora.

FireFox really crashes with Pandora. Chromium however is doing a great job of running Pandora. Does anyone know why this may be happening so I can take steps to correct the problem?

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There's probably not much you can do other than reporting the bug to Firefox.

However as an alternative you can try pithos Install pithos which is a desktop client for Pandora, which alleviates the need for Flash altogether.

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+1 for suggestion Pithos. Fantastic application, totally worth a try. – Ryan McClure May 18 '12 at 5:25

Pandora, like many programs, that run through the browser (until recently with the introduction of HTML5) require flash (as well as java-script) to run. Ubuntu doesn't have flash installed by default and it is necessary to install a version of it. Depending on how you installed flash, this is more likely the reason for Firefox crashing than for Ff dieing on its own. Try installing flash from the software center and try using it again. If that doesn't work, try installing from a .deb file on the adobe website.

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