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I am using Ubuntu 11.10 (I don't think that really matters) with Bash.

How can I make a music playlist out of a .txt file? It is a command but I forgot it. I would appreciate it if someone would write a tutorial.

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You have to go to the folder of the music, than type:

ls > music.txt

The .txt file can be named what ever you want. The ls uses all the files in the folder, listing them and the > redirects the command to a .txt. Than press Enter or Return and that's it. If you are using mplayer for example, you type

mplayer -playlist music.txt
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There are many playlist formats.

M3U is a simple plain text file format for playlists. Where each line is a location (this can be a relative path, an absolute path or a URL). Example (a_playlist.m3u):

/foo/bar/Eternal Wheel.flac

With mplayer I could play the above like so:

mplayer -playlist /path/to/a_playlist.m3u
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