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Every 3 to 5 seconds I get the following output in kernel.log file. How do you fix this?

Oct 28 00:04:30 host kernel: [57192.331327] pciehp 0000:00:1c.4:pcie04: Link Training Error occurs 
Oct 28 00:04:30 host kernel: [57192.331331] pciehp 0000:00:1c.4:pcie04: Failed to check link status
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Sounds like your machine doesn't support PCI-E hotplugging.

Assuming you have an eeepc, read here, particularly Post 15:

Well, there are 3 different issues with the 1005PE model, which are related.

First, Win7 compatible bios, check if the eeepc-laptop module is loaded: lsmod | grep eee If not, you'll need this kernel parameter: acpi_osi=Linux

Second, to fix the brightness, another parameter: acpi_backlight=vendor

Finally, the actual bug, as described in acpi4asus git:;a=commit;h=ced69c59811f05b2f8378467cbb82ac6ed3c6a5a

To work around the problem, disable hotplugging with this parameter: eeepc_laptop.hotplug_disabled=1

Summarizing, add the needed parameters to your Grub, see below, and update: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor eeepc_laptop.hotplug_disabled=1"

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