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I have been trying to set an Apache name based Virtual host(http://test.local) to the directory /var/www/test, but it keps on pointing to the default /var/www directory.

My test.local configuration file looks like this- My hosts file looks like this- And the ports.conf file looks like this-

As per suggestion form IRC chat I disabled the default Virtualhost, then something wierd happened. Now http://test.local, loads contents of /var/www. But http://localhost shows the contents inside /var/www/test.

I'm using likewise-ope to connect to windows domian based network, it has created an entry in hosts file(the first line, also included is the next two lines))- asset11 localhost artis.local test.local

How can I make http://test.local to point to /var/www/test correctly

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Your local.test file you put on pastebin looks good, just uncomment the directory part.

The <Directory ...> - by the way - must point to the same path as the DocumentRoot (/var/www/test/ in your case).

Then you need to activate that file through sudo a2ensite test.local and reload your apache with sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload.

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Thanks for the answer, But as far as I know <Directory /> directives are not absolutely necessary, but can be used where we need some directory specific directives. – saji89 Feb 3 '12 at 10:32
I counsel always to use the directory directives, because it happened too often to me that a .htaccess didn't worked. Of course it is not absolutely necessary. – Marc-André Appel Feb 3 '12 at 10:34

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